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Summer Stock

July 12th, 2011 at 03:52 pm

Halfway through summer vacation status report! In absence of the day job (for the most part, but not 100% completely), I concentrate on big cost free activities:

House Work - Spring cleaning is really summer cleaning at The Frugal Artisan. I prefer to take care of things I already own, not buy new stuff. This year it was a vacuum of the valences and doorway drapes, degrease the microwave and spot clean the hardwood floor. Last year it was ammonia-ize the crystal chandelier, stainless steel scrub the toaster oven and bleach the tile grout.

Oh boring!!!!!!!!

New Artistry Jewelry - How about something more fun and exciting? This is prime time for designing and producing new artistic jewelry.

What to do with some medium size natural stone hearts? I also wanted to use some tiny pale peach, champagne and tangerine colored cut zircon stones still left in the supply tray. Take a look...

Light Hearted Pendant

Soft but strong, just like a woman represented by a gold and stone necklace. 17" burgundy satin ribbon w/3" extender chain.

Meandering Heart Pendant

Modern romantic gold necklace features stone heart and wine red accents. 17" burgundy satin ribbon w/3" extender chain.

Not to forget those who prefer silver ~ I was advised by the owner of the salon where I consign that silver is likely to sell more. So the big teal and black glass coins I picked up lately became this...

Serpentine Teal Earrings

Lots of curves and turns in a bold design. Exotic freshwater pearl and crystal for added interest.

More coming, stay tuned! Follow me on FB to see more
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