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Boots and Basketball Hoops

July 1st, 2011 at 05:33 pm

'De Clutter or Bust'

That was my summer motto not too many years ago. It was applied primarily to the kid's rooms, especially with respect to unloved toys, wrong size clothes, and school leftovers (paper valentines anyone?). "We have to make room in case Santa brings presents later this year," I'd explain.

Declutter was closely followed by
'Vortex Vixen'
at which time I put on bleach-ruined sweatpants to attack every tangible item in the house for cleaning.

Summer was prime time because I am mostly home from the day job and have endless hours unscheduled. (WHY does that not seem to become reality???!!!)

Time passes and fortunately kids collect less 'stuff'. This year I have only a couple big jobs mostly related to my youngest, such as filtering through her keepsake box which barely closes. It's an under-the-bed bin with things from birth to present. I told myself once it's full we'd stop. PLEASE send me strength to say NO we are not simply getting a second one. (My older one's box is comfortably empty...hmph, boys).

One of the things to purge is a VERY good pair of girl's cowboy boots. Expensive! She has grown out of them. I would dearly love to recoup some of the original cost. Any tips how best to sell? I've already posted on Craig's and notified my neighbors.

Another item that is going is a (somewhat beat up but perfectly functional) curbside basketball hoop. If no one takes up my offer on Craigs at $10, it's going to Freecycle next week! (I think I got it free).

Vortex Woman is still around, I emphasize using my free time taking good care of possessions instead of getting new things. Anyone out there rub their leather couch with conditioner beside me? Last year I bleached the tile grout, this year it's vacuuming the valances. One room at a time - TOP to BOTTOM. This takes DAYS!!!!!!

Finally, my pleasure is making jewelry and accessory stock for craft fests especially later in the year. Seems I don't have nearly as much time as I wish! On the schedule is another set of these (2 of 4 sold so far):

Recycled Guitar String Bracelet

A summer breeze charmer with glass hearts, oval shell, and peach stone among many details. The strands are made from bronze spent guitar string. Handmade clasp, adjustable size.

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