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Wow! They Took it Back

May 31st, 2011 at 05:55 pm

Who needs a gym membership with a weekend house?! There was a Memorial Day parade in town, but we instead worked hard clearing fire brush at our second property. Our muscles cut and sawed and snipped and dragged and piled up green trimmings for hours. My husband used his little Kubota tractor to push and pack down the mountain of branches. (Wow, he is an expert at driving that thing and could fit in perfectly working at a landfill).

Though it doesn't fit perfectly in with my conscience, we used our pick up to haul some of the more distant trimmings to the mound. (I used the wheelbarrow to haul many more loads from closer areas because I resist using oil!). OK, I admit consuming a small amount of fuel on this job was a benefit in saving a large amount of time and effort.

In the evening I finished a pair of beautiful gloves destined for ice skate and winter boutiques.

Antique Flower Winter Wonderland Gloves

Wrists wrapped in sequined wedding appliques are perfect for the holiday season. Glove backs are sprinkled with tiny faux pearl and crystal beads. Handcrafted original design.

But the big news involved a storage shed project. My handy spouse now has only one project in probably the last 10 years that didn't work out. He has installed an on-demand water heater, hard wood floors, water lines, tiled bathrooms, stairway carpet runners, dog kennels, and the list goes on and on. He is not a contractor, just a happy (tool loving) guy.

The plan this weekend was to put up a pre-fab plastic kit outdoor storage shed at our rental house. The shed would serve as a panel of a fenced in back patio, but the fence would not be ready for another few weeks. (This kind of

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shed )

Anyway, last time we were there, he graded a pad with rock and we installed the floor with cement footings at the corners. The shed instructions said to use the cement footings in windy areas and this is one of those places.

However, the wind was really bad as we were putting up the snap-in walls. In fact, we realized there was no way the shed would stand alone in the wind, even put together with it's internal bracing, without the future fence stabilizing the sides.

So we abandoned the project, and packed the shed parts back up.

Bleh, I really did not feel bad about the work down the drain. And was confident we could recoup alot of the shed cost by reselling on Craigs.

Well, a friend suggested we take the shed back to Lowe's. Even though it was completely unpacked out of the box, floor pieces used, etc. I was not in favor. This seems to me somewhat dishonest. It was USED goods. I do NOT wear something even for a minute and take it back to the store.

But my hubby has a bit more nerve, or at least less pride than I. He does not mind asking!!

So there he went. And there they did it! Lowe's did not have a problem taking it back and refunding 100%. They said you got it, UNCONDITIONAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

Wowza. A huge relief in expenses not wasted. Thanks for reading and there's a tweet button to the left if you want to pass out the fact that Lowe's is highly recommended!

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