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Copper House WireTransformation

May 11th, 2011 at 06:25 pm

One of my crafting principles is to reuse materials. This is a personal environmental objective, and has the happy added benefit of much lower cost in producing my products for Pretty Cheap Jewelry.

Last post I showed how to design and craft

Text is Nifty Gifty Gloves and Link is
Nifty Gifty Gloves inexpensively. Look at the middle picture in the post at the piece of red stretch sequin. That trim is a re-used part of a costume from last year (they were suspenders! for a mickey mouse costume). I couldn't bear to toss it, and voila! See the last picture how nicely it serves as the glove trim.

Not long ago I bought some 3-part house wiring to craft doll clothes hangers. This stuff is inexpensive at the hardware store. Did you know house wire has three color coded strands inside a bigger plastic housing? (guys raise your hand).

I wanted only the white and black plastic coated strands and a few feet were plenty to make a dozen hangers (6 white, 6 black).

There on the craft room floor was the lonely yellow (I think yellow) coated strand. Well I stripped off the plastic and inside was a superb length of HEAVY PURE copper wire. Ahhhh.

This wire was NOT to be wasted. Here's what I did with it:


Hand formed shaped instruments and musical symbols coming from Pretty Cheap Jewelry this summer. Hammered copper is accented with perfectly placed beads to represent popular items.

Shown: Acoustic Guitar (tuned with red cut glass accents, small halfnotes charm attached, on 18" bronze satin cord); Large Half Notes (accented with tiny glass beads, on 18" black satin cord).

The most beautiful thing to me? Reclaiming the wire and staying true to my motto "Creating things of value at inexpensive prices."

Watch for more BEAUTIFUL MUSIC work in coming weeks (I still have some wire left!). G clef, and ? Suggestions?

THANKS for reading! (FB and tweet buttons for your convenience, bottom and left sidebar).

1 Responses to “Copper House WireTransformation”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I love your motto, and I love your creativity and the beautiful items that it leads to. Very cool. There really are a lot of things that go to waste, but we really could have some insurance of them being well-used if we simply looked at them through different eyes. You seem to have that gift. Great work!

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