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May 10th, 2011 at 07:48 pm

Think ahead! Alot of us take advantage of super duper mark downs in July on items for end of the year gifts. And many of us home make great gifts. Let me introduce an idea to jump start your imagination.

Winter Wonderland Gloves


1. Inexpensive plain knit gloves. These were readily available at the drug and dollar store in winter, though you can also find suitable candidates in the gardening sections. Look for decent quality and end-of-season specials.

2. Appliques and trims. I am lucky to have a wacky store nearby with all manner of close out merchandise. Lately they have a huge stock of small and large sequin appliques. There's crazy shapes like cactus and cowboy hats, but also holiday subjects like snowmen and angels.

If you don't have such a source, take a look at the fabric store. There you find trim - there are hundreds of types. You need ELASTIC trim (for around the wrists), but the wedding type trims are great because you can cut apart the shapes (such as flowers). Use a coupon or get what's on sale.

3. Buttons and beads. There are amazing and inexpensive buttons lately, like glitter filled and felted. Look in the fabric store or the thrift store (to take off beautiful old buttons from an old shirt for example).

Here's some supplies; three pair small gloves with appliques for each.


If you can sew a button, you can make these gifts! Get thread in the same color as the glove or the trim. And simply hand sew in place. IT DOESN'T TAKE AS LONG AS YOU THINK! I can finish a pair in an hour.

In progress: Little beaded snowman for the back, stretch red sequin for the wrists.


Try some fabric paint at the nails! Add little glass beads on the backs for a glamourous look. Add artificial pearls for classy style. Don't worry about making the patterns perfectly identical. Use a forgiving random or zig zag pattern.

Theme your gifts! Little kids love bright colors and funny buttons. Big girls prefer black and toned down decorations. Or make a set for a wedding party, a family reunion or birthday.

Knit hats are also well stocked inexpensively at the retailers. What do you want to do with one?

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Thanks for reading! The Frugal Artisan

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