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Levis, Lands End and Talbots, Oh My!

May 9th, 2011 at 12:37 am

Glad I didn't hesitate to once again scavenge the thrift shops for jeans. Almost thought I'd grown out of the thrift stage what with kids in pre- and teens now. They wouldn't be caught dead...

And what with my own clothes shopping nearly nil and void except for the tennis shoe hunt at Big 5 every few years, or the major stock up on bras at the Maidenform outlet. I'm just so NOT a fashion horse.

Soooooo, even though I got away with wearing to work 2 out of 3 of my jeans with a hole emerging at the knee, I decided it's time to get thee some jeans. Better not wear the holes to work anymore.

First stop Susies Deals (everything 5.99). But NOT. Their new motto 'Everything $5.99 and up' BLEH. But even so, there were 2 or 3 BIG racks of $2 jeans. And of course, OLD baggy styles. I am not interested. And odd sizes left too. Zero (?!) or gigantic. Sad.

Well, my practical spending hubby and I went on a 'date' on Friday night to the outlet mall. Or you can say, just another excuse to have a couple hours alone.

He graciously drove me right to the Levi's outlet and there were good deals, right sizes, decent stuff. And I left with 1 pair of nice $20 jeans.

(He then promptly went to the Adidas outlet and bought 18 pairs of socks. Yes. He said they would last him 4 years, which I believe. And they were a good buy at $10 per 6 pair. But sheesh.)

Then on Saturday I had some hours alone!!! Big Grin Everyone was out of town except me. And I bee lined it to the thrifts.

1. Buffalo Exchange. This is not a thrift really, but a buy/sell/exchange. Again, I thought I was beyond thrift and happened to park behind here. The prices were decent ($6 - 8) and I tried but did not fit!

2. Goodwill. Our town has an upscale 'Downtown Goodwill'. It is a result of some controversy in the level of customer of the main street stores. This thrift is very nicely laid out, big clear aisles, and they put local NICE art in the windows. Cool. Lots of jeans, every one $6. I bought one pair Lands End.

3. 3 more thrifts. Maybe I am fortunate there are 3 more thrifts within easy walking in our downtown. I know them all well (one is great for sweaters, for example, another for furniture.) No jeans in the first 2. But JACKPOT in the third. Talbots size 6 petite, never even washed yet. Three pair, I took 2.

It is not easy to try stuff on in a thrift. Basically you try jeans over your (hopefully) thin leggings or wear a skirt and drop your stuff in the aisle and there ya go.

I probably tried on 15 pairs in the whole day. Total?

Levis = $20
Lands End = $6
Talbots (2)=$4
Off brand = $2
5 pair = $ 32


Also solved the CHRONIC cozy sweatshirt shortage in my dresser. So many mornings I just want to throw on a sweatshirt. But I have only one. Just don't buy them. Or just BORROW my son's at this point. He has um....5 or 6?

Now I have 3 more!! My favorite, something my family has probably always wanted to give me:

Understandably, (I suppose), someone didn't hardly wear it. Great quality (come on, it's Disney label). Fits me like a glove. Two others were a practically new: a Sideout sweatshirt, and a nubby blue shirt tail / tneck style pullover.

I am stoked, all three were $2 each. OK! So no more clothes shopping for me for a couple years, right?

If you've made it this far, here's a reward:
The first person who contacts me below can reserve these handmade original earrings at a pre-list price half off. (Special Reserved Price $7.50 ; Future price $15.00)

Fine link chain holds staggered fringe of mother of pearl shell coins, tiny gold and water clear drops.
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