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Fun Factor, Check! Income Factor, TBD?

May 4th, 2011 at 07:43 pm

Last winter I noticed a lot of those inexpensive, stretch gloves in the drugstores. Did you? They were meant for light duty and cost a couple dollars or less. Lots of solid colors, one size fits all basically.

There also happens to be this unusual 'junque' store near my workplace. There's no sign out front, but I asked once and the name of the store is 'Random'. The place is a big huge jumble of furniture, bolts of fabric, hardware, books, carved wood figures, and probably what ever the owner is finding at weird wholesale auction houses. I wouldn't be surprised to find a few kitchen sinks. Sometimes the prices are matchless, sometimes the prices are terrible. Most of the stuff is new.

The store is a great place to browse and grab supplies for my crafting for pennies. About a year ago there came a huge lot of sequined and beaded appliques. Some really small, like star shapes and numbers, and some really huge like parrots and horses. The little ones were 25 cents, the big ones a couple dollars.

They also have a dozen huge spools of sequin and beaded trim. The type meant for embellishing wedding dresses. Really nice swirls, florals and designs. The trim prices were fair, something like $1.50 for simple and 2.50 / foot for the fancier stuff. I love pretty stuff and kept thinking how use the trim for something.

Back to the stretch gloves! I finally figured out a great use for the appliques and trim. I grabbed some smaller appliques (about 25 to 35 cents each) and then ran to the dollar store to see if they still had the gloves. YES! I picked out 10 pair of decent quality.

And here's the results! I am excited to be designing and producing the Winter Wonderland Gloves for my vendor booth at the upcoming ice rink's 2011 Figure Skating Show.

Each year I need to offer merchandise to a crowd of young girls, gift ware for the parents, while keeping it original and at a competitive price.

See a few of the new collection below!

Winter Wonderland Gloves - You're a Star

These 3 gold star gloves fit perfectly into a figure skater's wardrobe! Warm enough for practice, fun and fancy under the lights.

Winter Wonderland Gloves - Formal Wear

Pretty enough for a sleigh ride with your beau. Antique flower on charcoal grey knit. Sprinkled with pearl and glass bead accents.

Winter Wonderland Gloves - Happy Hands for Kids

Little princesses will love the red sparkly wrists and beaded funny snowman. Mom will love the price.

Watch for the 'How - To' post coming soon here at The Frugal Artisan.

2 Responses to “Fun Factor, Check! Income Factor, TBD?”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Those snowman ones are adorable. What a creative and fun project.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I think I like the ones with stars the best! Very creative.

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