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Disembodied Lips, or I am NOT a graphic designer

April 17th, 2011 at 02:24 pm

It's such a perfect spring day I had to move to the backyard to play with my toys!

What started as a short session of arranging dried flowers on a few cards extended into a jumble of colors and fun supplies. My daughter brought out some watercolors to hang out together.

I couldn't stop! But it's ok, let me explain.

Greetings for All
Do you still use cards for family occasions? gift giving? and thank you's? A non-digital greeting is still very much fun to receive and super easy for you to make in the imaginative style I'll show below.

1. Supplies
The best thing about this card making style is the supplies are very very inexpensive. You probably have everything on hand already!! (you just didn't know it).

Cardstock (or copy paper if not) and Envelopes
Scraps of fancy paper if any

Extra Fun:
Punches, gel pens, glitter, bits of yarn or lace
Old Cards
Magazines, Newspaper

2. Start Imagining
Now that last supply up above is my favorite. All you need is a magazine or a newspaper. Folks, I am NOT a graphic designer as it says in the title. It is a formal profession you go to college for. But I AM able to use their expertise. It's all over these magazines. Just grab your scissors and cut out those styled food layouts, those color coordinated florals and those punchy texts.

Cut out things. Fun things, weird things, interesting things. Cut out words. Separate words. Unusual words, common words.

Don't worry if you haven't a final subject in mind. It is easier to arrange things when they are out of their commercial context.

Step 3. Say It Glue It

Cut blank cards from heavy paper (or copy paper if you don't have). Use commercial envelopes or you can even make those (ask me for instructions).

Arrange the front of the card using the cut outs and other little supplies. A few common sense principles ~

~ Stick with a theme such as food, or flowers, or toys
~ Use one central large image and accent with a few smaller things
~ Work two or three different textures on the card, such as a few magazine cut outs, and a bit of ribbon and some spots of glitter.

Note in the card above is a little lily pad cut out from green embossed paper, a few frog punch outs and a strip of printed border paper on the side so far.

Step 4. TaDa! Done!

Finish up the card with (or without) a sentiment of words.

I added a magazine cut out (rectangles of windows) and a few sequins. The word 'ART' just sums it up.

Use this idea for an unscheduled summer vacation day or a craft-themed birthday party (adults too!).

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