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Is there a $10 free giftcard 'Club'?

April 13th, 2011 at 10:55 am

Yesterday I got a 'Get $10 free on any purchase' card from a local department store (Kohl's). First time ever from them, although for several years I have received similar giftcards from JC Penney's around Mother's Day, Father's Day and sometimes in the fall.

Does everyone get these or did I do something special? I assumed in the past that EVERYONE got the Penney's offer, or at least everyone who landed on their mailing list by one cause or another.

Penney's is probably big enough to absorb the cost, Kohl's is much less widespread and I'm surprised they are doing this.

The offer is great. You can make a purchase of $10.01 and even include tax and they will deduct the ten bucks. I love it and use the coupon every time for small necessities such as a bed pillow, throw rug, bath towel, or picture frame. There a lots and lots of small items suitable for gifts at $10 from Penneys.

I can think of one thing which may have put me on a high class shopper list with Kohls. A couple months ago my daughter received a $25 gift card from grandma for a birthday present. I made a couple additional limited purchases at the same time and our total was slightly over $50. Maybe that is a threshold? By the way, that total resulted in ANOTHER $10 off certificate to be redeemed within the following two weeks.

Speaking of high class shopping, feast your eyes on the latest work from The Frugal Artisan!


Have your own royal wedding any day of the week with a wealth of gemstone and pearls. Citrine centerpiece is set off by garnet and glass briolettes on hand hammered links in fancy shapes. Pale gold and pure white ivory freshwater pearls complete the strands around the sides and back. Matching earrings. 14K GF throughout.

Text is here and Link is http://www.flickr.com/photos/prettycheap/5614649665/in/photostream
here also to open

Text is here and Link is http://www.flickr.com/photos/prettycheap/5614649729/in/photostream
here also to open

Text is here and Link is http://www.flickr.com/photos/prettycheap/5614649669/in/photostream
here also to open

See it in person at the Harbor Village Gallery, Ventura for a limited time in May.

2 Responses to “Is there a $10 free giftcard 'Club'?”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    Actually, they mass mail those all the time. I think you just need to have an address to get one of those. (Sometimes come in our newspaper - sometimes in the mail, addressed to "resident").

    That said, since I signed up for their e-mail mailing list, I get them far more often that I used to.

    In the past, my mom and MIL would often give me their "$10 free" cards - I'd just have to make separate purchases. Those are great to ask friends/neighbors for if they don't want to use them...

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    I always get the JCP ones, NEVER one from Kohls. Never ever ever. Frown They don't even come in my newspaper and I get a major area paper. I have charge cards from both stores and I'm on email lists. Heck, even CVS doesn't mail me coupons like everyone else gets.

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