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Tackling the birthday party and gifts - Part 2.

January 20th, 2011 at 12:17 pm

Two birthday parties happen the second week of February at our house. My oldest has firmly decided 'birthdays are overrated' and does not want a party. Not even to go out bowling with just the family or to a comedy show (which we have 4 free tickets already). HuH? He has developed this over a few years, starting from about age 11. I don't know EXACTLY why, but some not all, of his feelings probably stem from my stress and worries at having 2 big parties for both the kids during the years when they were in the ages 1 ~ 10. I am not going to pressure him, but hope he changes his mind.

The younger of my two kids LOVES the party scene. OK, fortunately she also has a sense of cost but unfortunately is a PROFESSIONAL DAWDLER. Which means she takes forever to make up her mind. I have given here a deadline of this Saturday to choose what kind of party so I can make invitations and send in time.

Her two choices are:

$ sleepover with about 5 other girls and we will do a nail parlor/make up/hair dresser theme. Throw in a cake and pizza (probably homemade) and rent a movie (Secretariat) and we're done.

$$$ trail horseback ride with 2 other girls and return home for a sleepover.

A wish list of birthday gifts they would like has been posted on a white board in our kitchen for a few weeks. I also have some secret ideas of things we did not give them at Christmas.

On my oldest list:
NFL football jersey
cap with NFL team logo
secret additions:
football receiver (sticky) gloves
wood box project

On my youngest list:
big jewelry box
ice skate blade protectors
rhinestone laces for ice skates
secret additions:
new sleeping bag for friend's houses and girl scouts

I wish I had loads of time to run around getting cost comparisons for these gifts!! Enter the internet...

Time Out: The internet saved a

Text is Pretty Cheap Jewelry and Link is http://www.prettycheapjewelry.com
Pretty Cheap Jewelry smart customer a lot of time and money with the purchase of these $5 earrings today!

Lots more at that price range, just click the sampler in the left sidebar.

The licensed football stuff is ridiculously expensive, and I am not willing to pay over about $20 for a jersey. So before I ran around to the nearby sports stores, I did an online check of what was available. SportsAuthority had clearance on just what I might like, official jerseys for $10-$20. YAY! The catch is that mostly weird sizes were left (extra small, extra large). Without being particular on a team or player, it was just a matter of finding one in his size. DONE!

The prices of football glove prices were about $15 on line, just about what I was willing to pay. In fact, it turns out I was able to pop inside the local store for 5 minutes and saw NO NFL JERSEYS and gloves for $40! BAH! So I ordered them online too. DONE.

Score Home: 1 set of birthday gifts done, time saved less shipping costs

Score Visitors: 1 set of birthday gifts and party to do

Post Coming Soon ~ Birthday Party on a Rhinestone Shoestring

3 Responses to “Tackling the birthday party and gifts - Part 2.”

  1. Jerry Says:

    You did well on the jersey! Those things are insanely expensive... when you get into the on-field, stitched ones, it can lead up to almost $300, which is absol

  2. Jerry Says:

    You did well on the jersey! Those things are insanely expensive... when you get into the on-field, stitched ones, it can lead up to almost $300, which is absolutely ridiculous. (And if it was actually used in an NFL game, then the prices go upward from there!) Maybe to have some investment insurance we should all put our savings into football jerseys (or not...).

  3. Jerry Says:

    Sorry for the double-post. No idea...

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