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Free Sticky Silver Lining

January 7th, 2011 at 03:51 pm

Hard to see the 'Going Out of Biz' signs especially for local businesses. But it is a silver lining, at least to me. I don't particularly seek them out nor wait until they show up. But there have been many instances where we've furnished and decorated our home, bought clothes and in many ways made the most of these opportunities.

A couple years ago I went to Ritz Camera to finally purchase a digital camera. This particular store seemed bare and in fact was planning to close. Though my camera was not liquidated (but priced aggresively anyway), I cleaned up on photo mats, and blank cards. Then there was once a skateboard/ clothes store closing. I just happened by and needed some tennis shoes and got some black DC shoes. They have lasted WAY longer than the usual sport shoe! How many times have you had this experience?

Be assured I am a more mindful shopper these past couple years than long ago, and look for made in USA goods and using locally owned businesses.

But those 'Going Out of Biz' signs are still going to happen.

TODAY? It happened again. I was tipped off by a friend there was a bead supply store going to close in 2 weeks. I was looking for the place and went into a copy store to ask for directions. I found the bead store but the prices were not to die for. The stock was good quality and reasonable and a few things came home with me.

But the happy ending is that the copy store had a stack of boxes of old sticker paper (used by draftsmen some years ago), and boxes of logarithm graph paper for FREE! Lucky find and I took 3 boxes!

I'm not closing or going out of business, and just use everyday low pricing like this-

Garnet Oval Earrings $5.00

It's the month of January's birthstone. Wine red dangles on oval frames. Pure copper earwires. A handmade original for the smart woman.
Details and order

Text is here and Link is http://www.etsy.com/listing/56002378/ruby-red-wire-oval-wrapped-earrings

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