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School Score: 7th grade = Hurray, 5th grade = Argh

November 18th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

The middle school we attend is big (1000+ kids or so for grades 6 through 9) and scores a solid 'B' in state rankings year after year. In other words, it is a pretty average school with a large and diverse student body.

But I am extremely pleased with it. Just one of the many recent lessons in 7th grade social studies was a study of Africa - the physical continent, political countries (the kids memorized the 40 countries), ancient history and current status. They are assigned to make a mini 'National Geographic' report on a country of their choice (pictures, articles, cover etc.)

A couple of the days was spent learning, watching and discussing the Lost Boys of Sudan. Remember this? Practically a whole generation of kids were orphaned as a result of civil war. Here is the teacher's guide on their official website

Text is Lost Boys and Link is
Lost Boys. As a mother, I am overwhelmed by problems like this and am nearly paralyzed with inaction.

But my son came home with a huge positive attitude about the issue. He learned the kids initially were desperate, but it wasn't long before there was structure in place to take care of things. Not only was international aid present, but the kids themselves were able to make routines and better their situations.

A reminder to me that youth instinctively is positive in outlook. The video my son's class watched showed the kids dancing and singing on Christmas, as well as some of the experiences of those who immigrated to the West.

The teacher of this class has made a fantastic impression on my son. He is funny, but relays serious learning. He relates to their age (boys still an arm's length from girls, girls in stratified cliques). Right now social studies is his favorite subject!

Score: Middle School , a resounding BIG POINT
To Mr. Fitz, 7th grade Social Studies teach

Available on my website
Text is here and Link is

The 5th grade in my daughter's school has decided the community service project for the holidays is a toy drive. OK, it was the parent organization that decided, not the school.

The catch is they want only items of $10 value or more for donations. New, of course, nothing second hand. Frown I am very unhappy. The statement from the organizers emphasized they want the kids to understand what it means to donate. PLEASE. Plenty of understanding about charity can be made with out a $10 price tag. My kids and I heartily donate every year to Toys for Tots, local charity and volunteer plenty.

Without further ranting, and though I am tempted to write the contact person a piece of my mind, I have an idea!!

I am going to beat this thing at their own game. Simply go to Michaels with a 40 or 50% off coupon in hand and get a GREAT gift which will cost me $5 out of pocket.

Score: Grade School , a resounding BIG DISAPPOINTMENT

2 Responses to “School Score: 7th grade = Hurray, 5th grade = Argh”

  1. Homebody Says:

    I read a book written by one of the Lost Boys, it was incredibly inspiring. He was so grateful to the United States.... I wish I could remember the name of it. Ignore the $10.00 think and do what you want!

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    Those NEW toy drives always annoy me, too. I understand the logic (makes it so much easier on the charity), but hell, I don't even get my own kids new toys most the time. Wink All I can think of is *waste of money!*

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