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Taking Candy from a baby (almost)

October 5th, 2010 at 01:08 pm

I love Halloween, and get creative with outdoor decorations on a budget.

One of the first years we owned our home I sewed a big (3 or 4 feet across) black spider and tacked it up on the fence. Ms. Spider had eight legs with clothes hanger inserts to bend into arches and stuffing in her head to add height. She was re-used 5 or 6 years until her legs just rusted and her face faded.

Y'know those yard torches (they keep away mosquitoes?). I use two to light the front lawn entrance. Instead of trying to keep buying wicks and torch oil which kept spilling in the garage, I just stick a couple taper candles in for the trick or treat night.

A stuffed person sometimes sits on our front door chair (newspaper inside of an old pair of jeans, flannel shirt, garden gloves, old shoes and even a plastic pumpkin head).

I love big scary yard things, but nooooo storage in the house the rest of the year. Little rubber bats and spiders get stuck on the door knobs and gates (and are easy to keep in a bag). And a flat but 5 foot long skeleton gets pinned to the fence as you come in.

But last year we had a lightbulb moment! The dog crate! YES! we put it together on the front lawn and put Mr. Skeleton inside sitting up! HA HA! Oh yes, my kids added a couple big rubber spiders hanging around him. Perfect! The whole thing is weather proof and is big enough to give a good show to passers by.

Here's another tip about how to take away the candy from the kids without anyone feeling bad!

There is a candy fairy that comes out in the night after you trick or treat. If you leave out a big plate of 'leftovers' she likely will leave you a few dollars or some little prize (like the tooth fairy).

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