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Should've I bought more at $2 ea?

August 31st, 2010 at 08:44 pm

I am so NOT a fashion slave and stick to a few pairs of good slacks, and simple shirts for work. At home I confess I'm a slouch, y'know sweats and baggy shirts. My favorite clothes shopping is done at the thrift store or Susie's Deals (new and nothing over $6). I don't think I've worn a dress or skirt for a couple years.

But let me brag about the outfit today! A couple weeks ago at my fav Susie's Deals was a rack of lightweight jean's jackets. I am a petite size, and there were dozens of medium that fit nicely, even cut a bit tapered at the waist. For $2.

Now I am finally getting smarter not buying clothes that are a great buy but not a good deal if you don't wear them much. But how hard is it to take the plunge at TWO DOLLARS??

As I mentioned above, the other jackets I own usually involve a zipper up the front and a hood (and sometimes initials of some school or store). Or are blazers from 15 and 20 years ago (they still fit, ok??).

So I snagged one. I LOVE IT! Here's what it went with:

- Lime green ribbed shortsleeve Tneck
- Nicest pair of jeans I have (think dark blue)
- Black ankle boots
- Silver belt buckle we won at a raffle this summer! This belt is special because we went to the leather store shortly thereafter and had a strap added for $7 which my daughter stamped a pattern for free. SWEET.

And the final touch is a pair of mint green / white earrings I made of course.

These also would look great with today, cocoa dolphin and moon earrings (available at

Text is and Link is for $5.99 btw)

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