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Saved by the Library

July 26th, 2010 at 03:36 am

Are we having fun yet? Summer vacation is probably about half way through - some of it has been fun and carefree, some of it has been a major obstacle.

The good news is we made a second trip to the library and enjoyed many hours searching and browsing for great stories and activities. Thank goodness for the library. Other good finds include a very low cost high quality tennis league for one of my kids. And a week of horseback camp for the other was to die for naturally.

The bad news is that one of the summer activities didn't work out as well as hoped. It was a very difficult but popular kid's beach lifeguarding program. Hard and serious fun. But two of three weeks were enough for one of mine. No more worries and tense mornings about what had to be overcome that day thank you.

For me? Steadily checking off things to be done with the time off work. Including designing and making new chain and wire work.

Here is a test of new links for a necklace.

Partial Links for Necklace Chain

Try to imagine it with a few sparkling drops in strategic places such as between the links or off the scrolls.

Using much self discipline to continue home updates on a shoestring. It would be easy to just lay around and put off improvements, but I try to take advantage of free time. Yard sales yesterday were a bonus moment! The big empty space on top of the TV cabinet now contains a wide 6-candle holder, with candles, next to the new floral arrangement I did earlier this summer.

Will someone tell the yard to stop growing? It takes a few days to tend the backyard, mowing, trimming and harvesting. Picked potatoes and apples, and made cobbler. Impossible to do it all at once, I'd drop dead.

The outdoor upstairs patio is scrubbed, also a once/year thing. My kids did it, they get soaked, but I motivate them with a salary!

We all made our entries to the fair, now that's a treat! My jewelry case is themed 'Wraps, Weaves and Links' contains some of these:

Upward Spiral

Your very own little piece of California Real Estate! Beach agate, polished to a shine, wrapped in silver and blues.

A Different Kind of Web

Abstract wrapped agate in two tone green and gold.

Copper and Pink Turquoise Links

Cream Puff

Sparkling garnet and pearl in 14K gold filled wrapped ring.

Thanks for reading!

2 Responses to “Saved by the Library”

  1. jewels3 Says:

    We go to the library every week, summer or not. Monday I'll be bringing the kids to pick up their bag of prizes from the summer reading program. We only have 5 weeks left of summer vacation, unfortunately!

  2. My English Castle Says:

    We also are library fiends. DD got a great bag of prizes--free subs and park passes, etc from the summer reading program, and their Friday afternoon movies may've saved my sanity. Your new jewelry is beautiful!

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