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Parked Challenge Totals

April 1st, 2010 at 09:04 pm

Watching the odometer climb and climb and climb last month even though all I do (?) is drive around town for errands and kid's after school events....

Late month check in and I was surely the top mileage guzzler...

Well, phew, the bottom line looks OK!

830.0 Monthly total
-347.0 Commutes
483.0 Mileage for the Challenge

WOW that is WAY better than I thought I would do. I was approaching 1,000 mi on the car, a very typical national average. Thinking, though at least I might come in below the national average for us car-culture Californians.

And couldn't think of ways to reduce my driving much further, ie I already combine trips very very much and particularly waited to make 10 mi trips to the art gallery shop (where I have jewelry for sale) until I had other reasons to go out.

Just for posterity, if I didn't take the bus to work (a 70 mil RT) it would have added about 1200 mi to my odometer. Amazing.

BTW I don't see the call up for all taking the challenge to post their numbers, and I'll be away for the next 4 days over the long weekend, so in case I miss checking in the official post, please call out my numbers.


1 Responses to “Parked Challenge Totals”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    My California results were very similar.

    For us we LOVE our car, but we also live so close to everything. (Except the fact that the city is so spread out - which means lots of driving sometimes. But sticking to school, work, errands, does not rack up the miles like more of my small town/long commute friends).

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