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Half a Puzzler Solved

March 12th, 2010 at 09:08 pm

Later this year a slew of winter holiday craft fairs are on the schedule. Last year I took notice of what was selling, and what I needed to improve my inventory. So on the 2010 resolution list was to come up with the perfect thing for the shows that:

1. Fits into a small (2" or less) box
2. Priced about $10-$15
3. Widely appealing to everyone as a gift item

Well, hmmmm. OK, I found the box for starters!

I've been scouring wholesale, in person, and internet sites for hinged ring boxes lately and hadn't found the right one.

However, at Michael's yesterday I wandered into the wedding section hoping to find large white envelopes (because the paper section was out of them).

Instead there was a pack of 100 fold up 2" boxes. Sweet. For a great price including my 40% off coupon. Just about what I wanted for the ring boxes. Just about the right number in the pack.

And oh yea! Just right for the *thing* I was going to make for the holiday shows.

In fact, I remember seeing a crafter last December with exquisite little decorated matchbooks. She glued little sparkles, old photos and whatnot on them. They were only a couple dollars each and she was selling out of them. I loved this idea, but wanted to come up with something original.

Later in the afternoon, I brainstormed some ideas for the boxes with my kid. Stamp little scenes on them? Glue little floral bouquets? Beautify with fancy ribbon? Modge podge old stamps? I have loads of little craft supplies just waiting to be used.

OK, that solved! I can't wait to get started.

And now the other half of the puzzle, what to put inside...

I have an idea brewing, stay tuned.

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