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It hasn't all been done before...

January 12th, 2010 at 12:40 pm

What projects to focus on in 2010? and corollarily (new word!!), what to put money earned last year toward (bad english!)

1. Originality. I don't want to create the same kind of stuff already out there. Easier said than done. It takes some quiet thought, let the ideas come with time.

2. Price Point. Holiday shows at the end of last year illustrated to me that I need an item which would appeal to many as a small gift, say in a 2" or smaller box. At a $10-$20 price.

3. Materials. Very much wish to create something largely with the materials I already have such as: wire (pure metals and other), beads, ribbon, etc.

1. Medals. I love antique medals, don't you? Maybe create modern medals. I already have plenty of pinbacks and would love to experiment with ribbon, stones, and wire. Easy to tailor toward specific events, ie birthday, Mother's Day, teacher.

2. Pins. A classy pin makes a statement on a sweater, lapel or even a knapsack. It's possible to make even the sharp point by hand. The whole world is possible, just a matter of deciding what style / shape / material. Weaving beads around a shape, making a bar of fringe on a pin, you name it.

So I looked on Etsy for what is already out there. Not many medals of the type I envision (but after this posts to twitter, blech, who knows). Not alot of freehand wire pins as I am envisioning either! (ditto the twitter comment). Surprise!!

Guess what I am going to do? Just need free time...

Here's what I mean ~

A Kiss

Another atypical item, just my style.

1 Responses to “It hasn't all been done before...”

  1. fern Says:

    You already have a unique style. Thanks for sharing your inspired thoughts. Sounds wonderful.

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