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Spending Profits

January 5th, 2010 at 12:46 pm

Expenses tallied, sales totalled. Without alot of study, it looks like Pretty Cheap Jewelry finished 2009 in the black about $1,000.

I accomplished my 2009 Resolution!

- Make a Profit! -

Success came mostly by working very hard doing a significantly increased number of in-person shows.

But success also came due to producing and selling a few selected high quality, high priced items.

For example, these rings have been selling well (14K gold filled pearl mix cocktail rings starting at $25) ~

Unusual yet beautiful designs have also attracted customers ~

But now is the time for contemplation. What direction to go in 2010?

Before spending a dime, I will form a big picture in my mind what sort of items to create. I would love to work toward developing a signature item or style, though something that leaves elbow room to try new things.

Probably ~ wire work in better quality metals (more gold filled and silver); more gemstone and less common bead types

But what sort of jewelry? Multi-strand necklaces? Specially wrapped stone pendants? Continue with the rings?

I don't want to do the same as what's out there. I want to have original ideas and items. It's not easy.


1. Be true to the name "Pretty Cheap Jewelry", make beautiful things and offer at a bargain price.

It will take another post to find out the rest of the priority list!

And the profits can get warm in the bank for awhile.

3 Responses to “Spending Profits”

  1. patientsaver Says:

    Your stuff is pretty different from what I see elsewhere. Have you tried selling at craft shows? Maybe open a Twitter account and Twitter a link to your blog?

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    thx patience! All those in-person venues I mentioned above? Dozens of craft and art fairs, yes! A lot of fun and a pleasure, a lot of time and effort too!

    I also twitter (these blog posts auto-post there). Want to follow me?

    Text is http://www.twitter.com/prettycheap and Link is

  3. cptacek Says:

    you're welcome...for helping push you over $1000 Smile (I bought two items from prettycheapjewelry's etsy site. A necklace and earrings pair for my MIL and a pair of earrings for my godmother. They both loved them, by the way. So thanks)

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