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Big Bangs for Itty Bitty Bucks

December 4th, 2009 at 06:58 pm

It's entirely possible to have fun buying on a budget. Consider shopping from my co-crafters on the Etsy Twitter Team (we are a group who belong to both Etsy and twitter).

$5 and Under Wonders

Sweet Handmade Polymer Clay Message for $4

Text is here and Link is
This lady makes amazing miniatures at amazing prices. See cupcakes, oreo cookies and other charming little treasures at
Text is Frosted Treats and Link is
Frosted Treats

Chai Tea Spiced Soap $3.50
Text is here and Link is
Handmade soap is such an affordable luxury!! Don't click unless you allow yourself to get addicted. This one is on sale and is PERFECT for a guy. Many many more at comparable savings from
Text is The Soap Seduction and Link is
The Soap Seduction like Peppermint Chocolate Soap (don't eat it!) and Grandma Klump Denture Soap (hilarious!).

Loads for Less, 6 Circle Scrubs for $5
Text is here and Link is
Not just for the bath, this all-cotton crocheted set look great on the patio as coasters. This lady is one hip grandma!! I wish was as good as Sandi at designing a blog like
Text is this and Link is
this and btw, she is a breast cancer survivor to boot.

$10 Tops Twinkling Treasures

Old world glamour at a new world price $8 and free shipping (to US and Canada)
Text is here and Link is
Pop these in a box with a new comb or hairbrush! Everything at
Text is Firebird House and Link is
Firebird House harks back to a vintage era.

Smart Females Only!
Original Art on 10 for $10 cards
Text is here and Link is
See more of this illustrator's distinctive style at
Text is A Cagey Bee and Link is
A Cagey Bee

Jingles below a Jackson

Christmas is for kids, right? Grab a coloring book or just a drawing pad tuck this in the car pocket
Text is $12 Crayon Roll and Link is
$12 Crayon Roll
Same price will get you a baby blanket or a tooth fairy pillow at
Text is Bellflower Textiles and Link is
Bellflower Textiles (not bad!).

Luxe for Less Venetian Glass and Sterling Silver Earrings
Text is here and Link is
Just one of the lower priced deluxe designs from
Text is BellaTu Jewelry and Link is
BellaTu Jewelry

Precious Words on Precious Metal for $20
Text is here and Link is
Personal priced right pieces from
Text is Punky Jane and Link is
Punky Jane makes 'cents'.

Thanks for taking a minute to look over the hand work of these artisans!

3 Responses to “Big Bangs for Itty Bitty Bucks”

  1. patientsaver Says:

    that was very kind of you to try to help sell your colleagues' art. I like yours most of all.

  2. Analise Says:

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing! Some of these could be used as stocking stuffers, too.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Thanks for sharing! Those are all great gifts.

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