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Thankful for... Last in a Series

November 23rd, 2009 at 04:24 pm

All the little things. Like:

Leisure time. Work comes first at my job as well as at home (and here's to hoping my kids will grow up with this ethic!). But work is not the raison d'etre. How many times have the science studies proven that leisure time is a luxury for those that are able to make a decent living. This is how the arts flourish and where human relations improve throughout the world. When you're not stressed day to day, you are able to do good in any number of ways.

A warm, dry home. I am also reminded of this after too many news reports of the less fortunate and encounters with homeless on the corner.

Nutritious Food. We are able to choose from wholesome ingredients at a grocery. Cooking is a pleasure. And we have a thriving backyard garden of vegetables and fruit.

Yes, little things are good for you!

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