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The Little Things

November 11th, 2009 at 11:23 pm

All my little Christmas shopping is done. Mostly stuff for my 2 kids, but a few for my siblings and parents, as well as for the in-law side of things, a teacher or two, a bus driver or so and the next door neighbor (where my daughter's best friend lives!).

Only a few of these did not include a discount, charitable aspect, or support a made in the USA small biz/crafter.

1. Books - bought during the fundraising drive for my son's middle school

2. Doll clothes - made by a crafter at a festival where I also was a seller

3. A couple on-line computer game cards

4. A small rolling suitcase (to double as a sports bag)

5. Watch - using a $10 off any purchase at the dept store

6. Table Ware - a hand made wine bottle jacket and an embroidered bread cover from fellow crafters at shows

7. Mosaic magnets - little artistic works from a fellow seller

8. Digital Camera - second hand from Craigs

9. Long Board Skate Board - second hand from the resale sports store

The last couple are not really 'little' but the costs were nominal.

The big expense are for the kids getting new bikes this year. The current ones are hopelessly outgrown. The trick will be to do it as a surprise. I'm leaving that shopping to my husband (who doesn't have the same brain functions as I do about spending/saving).

It's nice to be done. And wait!! There were spoils from the hunt!

$10 Toys R Us Card
$25 Justice Bucks (pre teen girls clothes)

I know there will be last minute persons to gift and that's a good use.

Now for something completely different. Math and geometry shapes!

Big Purple Diamond Wire Earrings

Intricate wrapped hand formed frames in silver and purple.

Cirle Square Wire Earrings

Lots of squares and more for smart ladies only.

Figure Eight Wire Earrings

Curves in red and copper with a flirty glass dangle.

All available for order on my website

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