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Holiday Gift Saving Tip 2

October 15th, 2009 at 07:01 pm

Recap Tip 1| Plunder the resale sport store for outdoor equipment for kids! I visited one yesterday in search of a 'cruising' skateboard for my boy. Sheesh, they are expensive new (almost $200). Well, the reason I went there was to obtain a USED board.

VOILA! There was one, only one, available. They apparently are the hot thing, and go fast. The price was a moderate $70. I will go for it because of reasons previously put forth on this blog (more action, less electronics!) The employee was super helpful, urging me to bring in items from home to recapture some of the costs of the board. Also calling another source in search of a good used item for me. And giving me a coupon for a couple bucks off whatever I decided. Sweet.

Today Tip 2| Troll Craigslist for good used electronics. My girl is ready for a digital camera. She has a film camera and has taken good care of it. I am ready to stop developing film, even by mail.

A check of nearby digital camera offers yields a Kodak Easy Share C613 for $50. OK, first thing is to check it out on CNET for review of the equipment and new prices.

Good camera, especially fit for the young photographer and priced fairly (half the new price).

Next step is to really find out the condition and what is not being disclosed by the seller. I politely ask via email how old it is, how much used, and particularly what is NOT being included.

The seller explains this camera was used for about 10 pictures and the little disc is not included (memory card). Period. I agree to meet and have a look.

VOILA! I offer $45 which is accepted. Need to get a memory card and a couple rechargeable batteries.

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