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5 Things a Day, C'mon Supermoms

September 29th, 2009 at 10:37 am

My fellow bloggers on Saving Advice have unknowingly brought out my competitive side.

I used to be SUPERMOM, with cleaning/cooking/teaching/crafting/organizing and girl scout leader hats.

OK, I gave up the girl scout leader hat.

So now I just have -

the cleaning hat (if you DON'T do laundry every day *raise* your hand),and sayonara to 2 pesky mice visiting our pantry (thank you traps), one more to go we're sure;

the cooking hat (scalloped potatoes last night and for lunch today, tonight it's homemade applesauce [previously canned from our tree's fruit] and frozen chicken nuggets WOOT convenience foods)

the teaching hat (only needed on occasions for math and geography homework lately, phew)

the crafting hat (home biz anyone? am 'test-driving' a rich colored pearl bracelet to work today, one of 5 boxed beauties made yesterday for holiday events next couple months)

the organizing hat (the thrift store donation bag in the garage almost full, then off it goes next time I pass by with the car)


So what are you going to be for Halloween?

Get out the 'sewing' hat...

1 Responses to “5 Things a Day, C'mon Supermoms”

  1. North Georgia Gal Says:

    The zookeeper hat(sure mom, I will take care of them!)

    The taxi cab hat(shuffling from one activity to the next)

    Appointment schedeler (you will be done when? Okay...I can swing by to pick you up on the way to take DD to violin and drop you off at the soccer fields!)

    Maid...Even though I cooked the meal, I still get to clean up the kitchen!

    Last but not least...the tuck her in and kiss her good night ferry...probably my favorite!

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