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Monkeying around with Marketing

September 25th, 2009 at 03:07 pm

For over a year, my mailing list for Pretty Cheap Jewelry was inside a Google Group. The concept was good:

~ free service (no cost) to me
~ unlimited number of members allowed
~ easy to add people who signed up during craft events
~ easy for people to add themselves via the web
~ nice appearing newsletter, I could compose text and images
~ unlimited amount of messages I could send
~ very secure and private for members

Only one problem. The Google Group system is more buggy than a bee hive. I thought such a trusted brand would be the best way to go.

Almost from the beginning I had problems with my webpages NOT being saved. After composing a great offer, beautifully laying out text, photos, etc. and sending it out to the members, it would disappear and they would receive a blank email.


Google administration did not step up. Their help desk (overwhelmed as might be the case) did not respond to repeated requests from me or others with similar experiences.

So I quit! Many small biz shops (on Etsy) recommended MailChimp. So there I went as of today. The only drawback?

~ free to me for up to 500 members

Sheesh. If I get over 500 members I'd gladly pay a small fee to send out newsletters!

So don't you all stampede to the mid-left sidebar and sign up (see the purple box?).

Thanks and Here comes the happy holiday newsletters!

1 Responses to “Monkeying around with Marketing”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I like that you voted with your (digital) feet and allowed unresponsive service to lead you to a better provider. I hope that you get your 500 members, and that you have some insurance of better technical assistance if you need it! Good luck...

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