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Gem Show Jitters

August 28th, 2009 at 08:06 am

Worried about spending too much! The wholesale gem and mineral show is coming to town in a week and is on my schedule.

This is a somewhat infrequent occurrence, a couple times a year or less, at least within convenient driving distance. There are larger and more more varied events, but they are regional and cost more in time and lodging.

Much of my needed supplies are best suited to buying at such a show. Why?

#1: Not for your eyes only.
Handling and feeling the stone (or glass or pearl) items in person is vastly superior to ordering on the internet. How many times have you made a purchase on the net only to receive the item and it is smaller, less weighty, off color or different than your expectations? It's no surprise a photo shows only the very best qualities of a product, (and not the flaws).

#2: The Bargain Hunt
Prices can be lower in person and shipping is non existent. I'm not above bargaining at a wholesale show and have been successful in receiving multiple item discounts, cash discounts, and more.

#3: Chasing the Elusive
Hard to find and specialty items are available. Such as tools for the hobby jeweler. The local hardware store does not carry nylon pliers. And you must hold them before buying to check the fit/comfort in your hand. Have you ever bought a chef's knife before holding it? Didn't think so.

...Pause for a message from your friendly frugal artisan...

Red brocade, new, compartmented jewelry box with purchase of any featured item (click on the link below).

Text is Pretty Cheap Jewelry and Link is http://www.prettycheapjewelry.com
Pretty Cheap Jewelry

Just ask for it at check out. Hurry, only 1 left.

What strategies do you advise in controlling spending?

A: Staying Black.
How about determining mid-year profit and investing the cash to prepare for holiday stock? After the month's end I will compute summer sales vs. summer expenses. Drat those big fees in July! My city business license, state sales tax, and farmer's market booth fees added up! My intuition senses I have broke even from June-Aug.

B: Getting Red.
Every weekend in Nov is booked with holiday fairs, and a much larger opportunity is in the works to have merchandise in the city shopping mall. A couple new additional events might also be added to my schedule. Based on last several years earnings, a modest income can be forecast.

C: The grocery philosophy.
Make a list, stick to it and shop the perimeter? Well, making a list is very crucial. Nothing like walking into the store, getting dazzled with the entryway displays and forgetting what you came for, right? There are certain things I really must get now, like gold filled wire or sterling chain. These are staples and I'll regret if I don't have on hand in the next 6 months.

Thanks for any help you offer below!

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