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Vacations ... are just a few weeks too long

July 31st, 2009 at 12:42 pm

What was your plan? I sprinkled the summer with a few organized activities, a few spontaneous dates, and a few hang around 'do nothing' times for 2 kids home on school vacation. I didn't want to (couldn't) spend a fortune on camps, and looked forward to ignoring the alarm clock/get dressed/breakfast/car pool/homework schedule.

Yesterday was a killer. I argued with my son in the morning, went to the public pool which no-one was into, and ended the day with a teary daughter. A classic day of getting on each other's nerves.

When I am stressed seems I hit the jewelry bench even harder, driving myself to make it better and prettier. Must be to win back some positive feelings, even coming from customers.

It's going much better today and I promise myself to do better tomorrow.

The resulting jewelry?

22K GF, freshwater pearl trio


Freshwater pearl, glass and stone mix.


mini chip peridot, onion cut iolite

1 Responses to “Vacations ... are just a few weeks too long”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I completely understand about summers. I had a day where I took the kids to an indoor pool, after 30 minutes they were bored and wanted to leave. What?

    I hope tomorrow is better for all of you.

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