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Epiphanous Weekend

May 18th, 2009 at 12:18 pm

for the non-logophiles: epiphanous (def): a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

1. Fledgling Flight. Not for the first time, but for the longest and least parented time, DD9 has 2-night Girl Scout overnight camp. It's a big troop of 20 girls and there were 2 leaders present (with 2 or 3 parents helping out at any given time here and there over the weekend). She's been in it for 5 years and when I was a leader for the first couple years she was way more insecure in my absences. (We now have the quintessential Girl Scout leader who not only can sing ALL the songs, but knows the words). Daughter is grumpy when I pick her up, as she doesn't want to leave. Didn't brush her hair the whole time.

2. First Bad Hair Day. More hair problems. My son awakens to his appearance, or at least awakens. He cares what happens when he wears a baseball cap and his hair is all wet. Most time ever in front of the bathroom mirror, distressed as all h*ll about a lock or two near his ear. Tries alternately wetting it and blowing with the hair dryer. Over and over again. Get a shorter haircut? Blasphemy. Go back to evening showers? Pfffft. Of course it looks the same as every other day (to me).

3. Blasts from the past. Saturday night I went to a reunion of co-workers from 29 years ago. What can I say, you had to be there? Kind of like a high school reunion, with a much lower trauma factor. Picture a hundred new graduates from colleges around the states in LA in 1982 or so and single, and ... that says enough. One of the best times in our lives, I guess we all wanted not only to relive it a little, but see who turned out how. One fellow never married and is saving the world with 'Water for People' (building wells and clean water in the third world), the best looking guy now has 5 kids, all girls. One of our old bosses showed up (now retired)! UGH!! I didn't look as old as I worried, somewhere inbetween the two guys I would NEVER have recognized in a million years (one looked like my dad, but once he started blabbing it was his old crazy self) and the two girls whom time has NOT TOUCHED!! Names from 20 years ago kept popping up, ouch my memory cells HURT!

1 Responses to “Epiphanous Weekend”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    You know I love Girl Scouts!! :-)
    My 25 year reunion is coming up. It helps to see that it went okay for others!

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