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Generation Gap Kicked my b*tt

April 26th, 2009 at 08:05 am

Juxtapose a black covered table full of gemstone and pearl jewelry with a spray paint artist and synthesizer music ...

for 6 or more hours ...

Yesterday was the first day of a big art event in the downtown center where I live. I had planned to set up in the empty foyer of a store recently closed (who hosted me in the past), but the shop has been leased to a real estate biz starting April 1.

For fun (?) the owner decided to have a big art bash for the weekend. The picture windows were full of very urban style artwork, ie sharks, skulls, flames, slogans. Inside was loads of stuff on the walls, floors, demos, music.

There was a constant crowd of 20 and 30 somethings out front. Tattoos everywhere. Skinny pants, bohemian skirts, greased hair, fluffy hair, green hair, pink hair.

A slightly older guy did a (really good) spray paint portrait of Louis Armstrong in black and white out front. Of course, a kinda scary one where his face is all squeezed up like when he plays the trumpet.

It was ok, but for one yucky thing. I noticed alot of these people smoked.

Anyway, I set up on the sidewalks to the side instead.

Sales were good, but it was an unsettling experience. I guess art is supposed to do that to you.

And I will congratulate myself!! Met a goal of selling an item priced at $50 for the first time! This one is gone to a very nice older lady:

Pearl Mix Set

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