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Countdown to 2-Day Sale

April 21st, 2009 at 06:42 am

Necklaces? Check
Earrings? Check
Cards? Check
Tablecloths? Check
Chairs? Check


This weekend is (maybe the last) big 2-day ArtWalk I am vending. Normally held twice a year, the city is unable to pitch in staff, marketing, and public services funds in the future. (Those trash cans, shuttle busses, and foot officers add up).

But I am throwing 110% effort into the gig. In fact, the retail store that hosted me in the past has closed but is allowing me to set up across their complete front window. This is a quadruple of the space I normally get!!

Foot traffic is major. Thousands of folks stroll around. More in good weather, more in good economic times.

New work to show:

Bead Embellished Embroidery Card

My kids usually stay at home with Dad the whole two days, but he is on a non-optional biz trip this year! So I have arranged for a neighbor's teen to 'hang out' with the kids all day Saturday. This allows them to play outside with friends as usual.

I didn't have to pay a fee to enter Artwalk (since my host closed), but now feel I have to make up the babysitter fee.

Keep fingers crossed for good weather and making up that fee!

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