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Time to tell your friends to bank...

February 19th, 2009 at 12:33 pm

in a place that doesn't need a bailout."

That title was a sign inside my credit union yesterday.

"NOT going out of business SALE" ~
That sign was seen by a person in New York who posted it to Twitter.

I notice how much exaggerations are used in the news, because I have kids. Words such as 'crisis', 'emergency', 'worst', etc. Count how many times you hear/see these. Think about that absorbing into a kid.

But hey! Mine are doing fine. We just got through both kids birthdays this month. Each had a grip on the costs because I limited size and scope of the parties and discussed with them why. (They got to invite 3 kids each). They went to the bank and saved 1/2 of total gift card/checks. Try telling a kid they can spend all the $20 ToysRUs card but none of the $25 check from Grandpa. They get it I'm sure.

More good news! We had a very good long weekend mini vacation. Four days in the snow. Who says it doesn't rain in Southern California?

Using one free Holiday Inn night (my husband's frequent stay points), and paying for a second, the four of us had a cross country ski afternoon in winter wonderland. The cost is reasonable; the experience many times over in value to my kids. I love HI, the breakfast buffet is included, the kids swam and jacuzzi'ed.

The next day we went on a treasure hunt for quartz crystals and obsidian, free to the adventurer! The family memories are worth more than any price.

1 Responses to “Time to tell your friends to bank...”

  1. midlight21 Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful trip!

    I hate the crappy way our society uses fear and greed to lead us sheeples!

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