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Waste Not - Want Not (or What's in Your Junk Drawer?)

February 4th, 2009 at 07:02 pm

Even non frugal people keep those bits of yarn, twist ties, foreign coins, and old postcards just in case the need arises some day. Right?

I am certainly the anti pack rat but here's some of the things in my home office drawer:

... a harmonica (I always wanted to learn)
... a part used box of reinforcements for three ring binder paper (antique?!)
... a plug-in thingy which expands any electrical outlet into 3 more outlets
... a couple partly used AAA batteries
... a partly used roll of 2-sided tape
... an extra coin pouch
... another coin pouch filled with a variety of key chains
... a small container of thumbtacks
... a very small pink pocket knife

What brings this to mind is a good use I put to some jewelry supplies this past week.

As is not uncommon to many of us crafters, I bought some supplies which were not used completely or did not work out for their original intent.

In this case, it was some very thin, part-silver wire. I bought 2 rolls of silver wire, one thin and one thicker, and have found the heavier weight to be more suitable for much of my work. But the thin wire was just too good to waste.

Rather than sell, give away, or throw it out, there it lay in wait in my studio.

Then, I was invited to enter an upcoming exhibit themed 'Healing Arts'. Faster than a speeding bullet I retrieved a raw quartz point which I had made into a rough pendant a couple years ago. This, I thought, might fit the theme if I made it into a necklace. (Organic folks of past and present feel quartz crystal has healing properties).

Now for a chain. I have a few mass produced oval links and wanted to connect them and weave a strand of small beads in and out of them as a chain. But it needed intermediate links, so I decided to handform straight links with -- SILVER WIRE WRAP!.

Here's the technique I mean (these are earrings I made to practice):


So, there you have it. From waste not to want not. Another frugal success story.

And by the way, what's in YOUR junk drawer?

9 Responses to “Waste Not - Want Not (or What's in Your Junk Drawer?)”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    oh god. my whole HOUSE is a junk drawer. Big Grin but in our 'junk drawer' we have restaurant takeaway menus, two lightbulbs, our lease agreements...
    basically stuff thats not junk lol.

  2. North Georgia Gal Says:

    I have several junk least 3 that I can think of...possibly 4 depending on how I classify the other. But I am slowly but surely getting rid of stuff...once I get rid of obvious clutter, I will start on the unobvious clutter!

  3. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    The list would be boring, but I'm amused to be able to tell you that I also have a harmonica in my junk drawer. The one thing that gets fairly frequent clearing out from that drawer is wine corks. I save them up until I have 50+ then post them on Freecycle. They are gone in an afternoon.

  4. thriftorama Says:

    The craft dresser in my office is out of control. I have scraps of fun fur, patterns, fimo clay, you name it, it's in there. I also have a rack full of drawers of craft odds and ends people have given me or I have found.

  5. Koppur Says:

    Oh, my junk drawer has everything you can imagine. Tape, scissors, thumbtacks, gloves, nail polish, nail file, swiss army knife, couple of pieces of jewelery, rubber bands, car stickers, instruction booklets, bottle cap opener, stray paperclips, etc....

  6. reginaastralis Says:

    When my parents moved out of the house, they left not one, but TWO junk drawers. I have been put off going through them, because I just do not want to know what is in them.

    One of the first things my dad made at the new house was a junk drawer. I got a phone call because of that from my mother.

  7. M E 2 Says:

    L M A O! I am with whitestripe!! Most, not quite all, of my house is a "junk" drawer. I say junk in quotes because while some of it is junk most of it is just stuff. Even quality stuff in the end is still just....stuff.

  8. LuxLiving Says:

    1)small boxes of matches - count 26 boxes (I lived thru the ice storm of 2007 & 2009 because of these w/my gas stove, oil lamps & candles - just replinished)
    2)Black Sharpie - I use it to mark my cans, bottles & boxes of groceries as they come into the kitchen - first in-first out)
    3)flourenscent (?what's those initials) low-energy bulb
    4)plate hanging rack
    5)night light bulb pack of 6 - w/one red one?
    6)various pens & pencils
    7)4 large rubber bands
    8)golf ball (no one here plays golf! - ????)
    9)plug adapter turns two plugs to six
    10)three extra coffee scoops

  9. Annie K Says:

    Just one junk drawer. Since I am moving, I need you organize me! Great blog.

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