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Wherefore Art Thou - Universal Appeal?

October 31st, 2008 at 03:22 pm

My sister visited from afar this past week and brought me some large, unusual drilled turquoise nuggets. Hmmm. Not my normal style.

But I love a design challenge, and the cerebral lightbulb lit up after seeing silverplated tubular pendant hangers in the jewelry supply shop.

Do you think these have universal appeal?
Includes a leather cord to fit any large size person.


Constantly a dilemma to make things that you love or you think will sell. I tend to emphasize the former, using a classic style that means the latter is built in.

One other question. I love cross stitching cards and journal covers. But find they are less universally appealing. Am trying to get noticed by the 'mom' and younger market by using clever unique quips (see below). Any suggestions how to break in (except facebook, myspace)?


3 Responses to “Wherefore Art Thou - Universal Appeal?”

  1. cptacek Says:

    Any way to tap into the scrapbook market? People who scrap may like art like that on their covers.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Though I like the necklace, honestly, I think it is far from having universal appeal. There are those who like to see every component show hand crafting when they are buying something presented as handcrafted. So factory made components might not do it for them. And natural components untouched by human hand (the turquoise nugget?) might not do it for them. There is no craft in an untouched lump. Even for me, who likes the necklace, there are some things that bug me a bit. The stone has an appearance of being dyed, both in the too solid blue color and in the too solid black color. And this piece puts me in mind of a piece of chewed gum, so I don't think it would be exactly the rock I'd choose, even if I were going for the leather-silver-single turquoise nugget look. And finally, it looks like a short necklace, yet I never wear mine which are short, so I know not to buy any that are.

    I doubt if universal appeal exists.

  3. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Thx for the honest feedback Joan!! HAHA chewed up gum, exactly!! I agree there is not much artistry in the turquoise nugget necklace design (makes me wonder about some of the 'art' out there). It's long though, the description spells that out so no worries there.

    Won't let the lure of commercial desire make me lose sleep, it just comes up every so often. Impossible to solve. And am really just fishing for what/where/who/how to get my cross stitched things noticed! And not by little old ladies.

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