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Supreme Good Use of Free Resource

October 16th, 2008 at 07:16 pm

My online crafting club has made a Gift Guide using a free website host

Text is Weebly and Link is

Firstly it is brilliant in the use of a free service and a wonderful way to get the word out to shoppers.

If you seek something for the person who has everything, or are just wishing for the un-mass produced for a holiday gift, this is the place!

Text is and Link is

You will be rewarded with excellent service - each and every one of these shop owners are known to me and have very high quality standards.

Not only are these all 'Made in California' owners, you can feel good about supporting independent, small businesses.

I have no items in the site so this is an unbiased blog post! Enough said! Go click!

1 Responses to “Supreme Good Use of Free Resource”

  1. Grace Nationville Says:

    Weebly is great.

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