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Resisting the Pull of Disneyland Bday Tix

September 10th, 2008 at 12:53 pm

My husband's birthday is next week. He was raised within 1/2 hour of Disneyland and a birthday trip is ingrained in his conciousness. Every year he wants to take the kids to Disneyland for THEIR birthday. But they don't really care.

It would be a nice gift to give, a fun and simple throwback to childhood times, except:

1. There are NO specials or discounts for single day tickets and haven't been since Aug. except Mickey Trick or Treat dates in Oct on weekdays (selected).

After racking my brain over our family calendar I cannot find a suitable timeslot to go except 1 open Sat to comfortably travel to and fro and spend a day. Weekends are horrorible there.

2. I have to buy 4 tickets. At $70 ea.

3. He is always busier than usual in the fall due to teaching at night at the community college.

4. Instead of spending $200 on tix, he really would rather have a work bench for the new weekend property garage.

So what to do.

Over the weeks I have paid attention to things he needs/wants and will probably shop with the kids for some of the below:

a. Cutting Board for the weekend house kitchen (using a BedBathBeyond coupon).

b. Pizza cutter same as above.

c. One new big fish for his 30-gal aquarium since one of the oldsters died over the summer (a big one with whiskers!). Some aquarium plants too.

d. WEATHER instruments for his new weekend house. Good ones are hard to find and he is way beyond the simple rain gage. A full blown weather station is out of the question though, runs over $100. Time may not be on my side because it most likely would need to be ordered on the web.

e. Pro darts for the yard sale dart board in the weekend house. It came with only one set of darts, but he and the kids have been playing lots already. Need at least one more set of 3. There is a billards/game shop in town that would probably have good ones.

f. Maybe a semi high tech UV protection shirt for all that outdoor work at the ranch. Patagonia has an outlet in town, little known, that sells their year old surplus items and more. Super special deal and quality.

BAKE his favorite chocolate cupcakes with no icing, and make big ice cream sundaes.

3 Responses to “Resisting the Pull of Disneyland Bday Tix”

  1. disneysteve Says:

    Being a huge Disney fan, I'd vote for Disneyland. Do they offer a multi-day pass the same way that Disney World does? Would it be more economical to buy a multi-day pass and use one day for this visit and save the other days for future visits? It means spending more money up front but can save a fair amount in the long run.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Disneyland is not so generous as Disneyworld, Steve. You have to use the tix within 2 weeks, correct?

    We have tickets from Disneyworld in 2000 we haven't used, but are still good (We used them over 2 visits, so one to go I guess). I wish D-Land was the same, since we make it there a little more often...

  3. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Right M.M.
    Multi-day pass?? I don't plan to go except once/year or less. Talk about big bucks...

    Update-inquired stealthily about the workbench he wants, and he explained the what/where/whys and gave me a coupon to Harbor Freight.

    Probably that's the 'ticket'.

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