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Furnishing the Weekend House - High Class Low Budget

September 2nd, 2008 at 12:45 pm

We have built a weekend house over the past year or two and it is mostly a shell, albeit a nice shell.

It still needs flooring (we are installing ourselves). Electricity, major appliances are done.

Now for the slow, interior design phase.

Most of the tiny, but can't live without stuff is done, ie a couple hand towel racks, bathroom cups, etc.

Much of the surplus from our full-time home is going to move, ie casserole baking dishes, noodle strainers, etc.

We are at a point where we can prioritize what big ticket items to save for:

1. Dining room table/chairs. I would like to shop the thrift and used furniture stores first for these. Hubby on the fence.

2. Dining room chandelier fixture. We both want a new item in the 'Rustic Semi-Formal' category.

3. Kids bunk beds. Twin beds will not probably fit in their room and I will also go to Craigslist first. Hubby will likely agree. If nothing available, we will go to 'Going Out of Business' furniture stores next.

4. Parent's bed. We have the mattress/box spring and are perfectly comfortable with that for months and months. Hubby really wants a nice well made bed, probably with some shelving and end table.

5. Living Room Furniture. Sofa? Arm Chairs? We are too far away from deciding. Except we both don't want big heavy furniture. A nice area rug will be the start, with maybe a small loveseat.

1 Responses to “Furnishing the Weekend House - High Class Low Budget”

  1. fern Says:

    Good for you! Starting with a blank slate is always fun. So many possiblities!

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