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Odometer stuck at 127,000

August 21st, 2008 at 05:32 pm

Summer vacation is over, school has started. That means back to work for me, the mom.

And now a commute by long range bus! Just 1.5 miles to the park n ride for a total of 3 miles commute. Instead of about 35 miles one way before. Wheee!

Wish you could see the beautiful bus pass. Big purple mountains majesty behind rows and rows of orange orchards.

Small but award winning design imo. And they gave me a free neck thingy to keep the pass safe and unlost all the time.

Bus fare vs gas costs are pretty close, but the mileage savings on my vehicle are humongous! Not to mention the good non-impact to the environment.

Blogging to resume. So many great activities, tips, ideas we had over the summer. See ya then!

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