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Kids Summer Boredom Busters, Just in time!

July 18th, 2008 at 06:02 pm

Just some fun tips and news in between interviews of colleagues in the California Crafters Club of Etsy (CCCOE) that I have been writing:

FUN summertime boredom busters for little girls
aka Thrift Store Finds

1. Does your little kid always want to cut her dolls hair, her own hair, the dog's hair????

Get thee to the thrift store for a $1 long haired stuffed creature. We had a very happy, relaxed hour long 'groomer-to-be' session last week doing this!

2. Dress Up!

I cannot believe the gorgeous, passed over formal gowns in the thrift stores. (Actually I should remember I bought my wedding dress at a thrift, so I shouldn't forget...)

What a treat for kids dress up!!! We got a really nice slinky purple lame number with rhinestone sleeves for $6 and a white satin ruffled number for $2. Yes, I am handy with the needle and thread and took them in to fit a kid. If you are not as handy, get out the safety pins and alter away!!

FUN summertime boredom busters for little boys
aka More Thrift Store Finds

1. I scored a BMX type dirt bicycle for my kid for $10 on another thrift store trip. We saw a girl's bike, which was $30 (!) and too pink! So I said something to the clerk who told us about this black and neon orange one which was in the back (for less $$). We are taking it to our weekend property where there are no sidewalks but plenty of trails!

2. Take it apart! My son is also of the age where he wants to take apart -anything - clocks, remote controlled cars, cameras, small electronics, you name it. Find it for a buck or less and let 'er rip (it apart).

Hope your stayin' cool wherever you are.

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