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Calling all Knitters!

July 15th, 2008 at 04:38 am

The age old craft of knitting is still hugely popular for good reason; the repetition of motions is therapeutic, it’s portable and compact, and superbly available on a skinny budget. Thank goodness I have no desire to knit!

But have you seen what knitters are doing lately? You might not recognize it anymore! Come in and meet a member of the California Crafters Club of Etsy (CCCOE), who’s ‘Passion is Knitting’.

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PRETTYCHEAPJEWELRY: Your shop announcement amazed me! This is the first I've heard of 'free form knitting'! Can you explain more about it, such as where and how did you learn of it?

OHMAY: Free form knitting is something I made up because that is how it feels to me. I start with an idea and begin the basics of casting on, as well as with the stitch I think will work.

Working along, I usually can tell if the design is going to be as I envision. If not, I will start making design changes in progress until I get a finished product. Sometimes it turns out how I imagined and other times it turns out a complete surprise.


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I have the experience and knowledge of many different knitting techniques and do not have a problem in changing the instructions in patterns. In fact, I do not find it extremely important or worrisome when a project is not coming out “right” according to the pattern. There is no right or wrong to me in knitting, only that you are happy with what you create. The process is more an attitude than something to ”learn”.

PRETTYCHEAPJEWELRY: Your slogan is 'Passion for Knitting', why?

OHMAY: I have been knitting for over four decades and it has become second nature to me. I love knitting and anything that has to do with it! I am like a kid in a candy store when I am in a yarn shop (online or real).

I hoard yarn and have many “projects” to work eventually. I love learning new techniques/stitches and at times create my own. I have tried other hobbies, crocheting, sewing, jewelry making, card making, but always come back to knitting. My next adventure will be Needle Felting.


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PRETTYCHEAPJEWELRY: What is your advice for home business with regards to expenses, inventories, and sales?

OHMAY: Start with what you already have available. Look for sales and if you can afford it, buy as much supplies on sale, as you can. Since I am a yarn addict, I have a huge supply and range of yarns to choose from; therefore I am free to create whenever an idea hits me.

Sell what you love to make and would use yourself. I am not a sock or hat person, so I do not have them in my shop. Maybe eventually, I’ll have baby items in my shop, but not yet!


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PRETTYCHEAPJEWELRY: How do you compete in the big world of knitters?

OHMAY: This is hard. Knitting was thought of as a “granny” hobby, a few years back, but is now exploding as the younger set and celebrities are picking it up. I try to create styles that are new and fresh, but not over the top weird. Functional and versatile is an important objective to my products. Most of the items in my shop can be worn/used in multiple ways and I like to think that the customer is getting their money worth when they buy my creations.

PRETTYCHEAPJEWELRY: Leave us with a quip, tip, quote, or puzzle to remember you by.

OHMAY: Create what you like and love what you do. Perfection is not necessary and can be boring. Do not feel disheartened if your “baby” does not sell right away, there is someone out there just looking to find and appreciate your hard work.


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One last note from Ohmay: Free shipping for those purchases made by readers that make a note at checkout of this blog. Contact her prior to payment or she will refund the shipping charges via Paypal.

4 Responses to “Calling all Knitters!”

  1. Brenda / Phydeaux Says:

    Ohmay is so incredibly talented and awesome! I love her creations, and am blown away that she knits her ipod cozies and lace moebious (sp?) wraps without patterns. Smile Brenda

  2. julee Says:

    oh my, oh may! you make me feel like knitting and i don't know the first thing about it! such darling items! and nice interview, miss nina!


  3. Allie Says:

    Great interview!

  4. buttercupbloom Says:

    OhMay's creations are unique and very lovely. She is quite a talented knitster!!

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