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Who's that Entreprenuer? One in an Ocassional Series.

July 2nd, 2008 at 02:26 pm

What could be better than a satisfying hobby that creates income? Here is an interview highlighting one member of the California Crafters Club on Etsy (CCCOE). We are a diverse and inspiring group of artists and entrepreneurs - please meet one of them!

Each of us has a webstore, small business experience and delightful creativity.

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[size=3]Lave Me! Soap Company
Not only is soap is something everyone can use, it makes a perfect gift for the person who has everything, men and women alike. Handmade soap is special! The scent fills a whole room, it lasts longer than commercial soap and is a little luxury to use in the shower.


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PRETTY CHEAP JEWELRY: Tell me about your product.
LAVE ME SOAP CO: Lave-me! Soap Co, makes soaps that are delicious and nutritious for your skin. No detergents are used! I formulate my batches using the most luxurious recipes and ingredients containing good for you ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. Add a dash of color, a splash of fragrance and you have a recipe for one incredible shower experience. And I personally make each batch.

PRETTY CHEAP JEWELRY: How did you learn your craft.
LAVE ME SOAP CO: I started out making soap like a typical soaper, ie buying a kit from the local craft store to make gift soaps for friends and family. I loved creating my own bars and the rest is ancient history. “Melt and pour” soaps were just the beginning, like my hand dipped cocoa and strawberry bars.

After reading and researching like a mad scientist, I dove head first into the old fashioned hot process and then into some cold processes. Basically I am self taught, but am fabulously grateful to those who gave advice and helped me a long with encouragement.


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PRETTY CHEAP JEWELRY: What would you tell others about running a home based business.
LAVE ME SOAP CO: Making soaps and selling soaps are two different things all together. I am new to selling so am still in the home based business learning curve.

It takes passion, patience and promoting and more then anything, confidence in who you are and what you do to have a home based business.

Staying within your financial means is also a key to success. Keep good inventory records and track of every incoming and outgoing penny. Know that you will spend a lot of money before you figure out all tricks of the trade. I am really bad with keeping track of my sales and supplies expenses, so beware the messenger!

PRETTY CHEAP JEWELRY: Will Lave Me! Soap Co. be the same in 5 years, 10 years.
LAVE ME SOAP CO: The core being of Lave-me! Soap Co. will be the same every year. Where do I see it as a business? Well, I see myself helping customers at my very own B&M shop here in Los Angeles. Would you believe a magenta pink store with bubble chandeliers and soaps filling every square inch?!

My product line will grow to include signature yoga sprays, scrubs, body creams and everything else I can manage.

In ten years I will be franchised across the world spreading the word of Lave-me! Soap Co. where ever I roam. Think big!

I am a dreamer but within my dreams I see my happy reality.


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PRETTY CHEAP JEWELRY: Leave us with something to remember you by.
LAVE ME SOAP CO: "There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there, you'll be free if you truly wish to be." ~ my hero Willie Wonka


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Lave Me! Soap Company extends this offer "15% off to readers of your blog. Percent back is refunded after payment is made or contact me at
Text is LaveMeSoapCo and Link is
LaveMeSoapCo before payment for a revised invoice."

6 Responses to “Who's that Entreprenuer? One in an Ocassional Series.”

  1. SandySimone Says:

    Wow! Great interview! Willy Wonka is my Hero too!

  2. oceanavesilks Says:

    It's nice to know a little bit more about LaveMe! Soap company. Her soaps look delicious!

  3. julee Says:

    i can totally picture your shop and you within it! i can't wait for your success, lave!

  4. lavemesoapco Says:

    Ty sooo much for the article!

  5. Tresijas Says:

    Mmmmmm, this interview smells delicious!!

  6. lavemesoapco Says:

    Oh, and I just want to clarify that SOME soapers start out with mp. Not all.

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