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Tried Hard for Good Deals on Kids Clothes

June 22nd, 2008 at 03:06 pm

My kids are finally getting a little too old to thrift shop for clothes.

The 10-yo boy cannot wear thrift jeans anymore. There are few in his size or they are hopelessly torn. With the exception of checking the girl's section because he is a very slim, smaller than average size.

The 8-yo girl is still ok with the thrift but is getting a little more sophisticated and enjoys comparing/selecting new clothes now. I am happy to shop with her as it is time to learn/practice how to navigate the retail world.

Her summer shorts/coulottes (what they now call skorts) wardrobe was pretty worn out as most were from thrifts LAST year. Off we went to Target and Penney's...

Shorts and tops were marked down a little at Target. Shorts ~ $7 and Tanks ~ $4. We took 2 shorts. She noticed the stretchy bra/camisoles aisle and was interested. We discussed/tried on one 'bra' and she decided on one camisole instead ~ $7.

Target total ~ $21.

At Penneys the 'come on' was -buy 1 full price girl item, get one 88cents. The full price items of course were double what they should be ($25 for pants!). Most of the summer things were sale priced at $10 already.

It took lots of comparing and deciding. Three trips to the dressing room later we chose-
1 nice loose capris (price marked $25 but scanned at $5!)
1 leggings $16.99 (too high!)
1 jeans for 88c (since we took the leggings at full price)
1 khaki shorts $10

Penneys total $35

Number items both stores 7
Total spent both stores $60

So about $10 per item. This is not really a good deal imo. But happy to have quality time with little girl, start her learning/looking at retail clothes. She is skipping around in her new duds too Big Grin

8 Responses to “Tried Hard for Good Deals on Kids Clothes”

  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    Hey, we called 'em skorts back in the sixties!

    These days, $10 per item for new clothes is a pretty good deal, IMO.

  2. klbb90 Says:

    Thats a hard age for boys and getting inexpensive jeans. I bought my son Kmart wrangler jeans on 50% off sale. At one point he was slim and they sold out at Kmart quickly so I would price match at Walmart. Good Luck!

  3. sounderella Says:

    Glad you got to have that quality time!! I'm glad DS is only 2. We still have a while with the Walmart bargains ($2.50 shorts and shirts). I don't know what I'll do when he turns 10.

  4. scfr Says:

    It sounds like you did pretty well.

    When we hit that age Mom & a group of friends formed a sort of informal "hand me down" system where things would get passed around ... Reading your post, now I completely understand how smart that was.

    Not only did she have a source of constant free "new" clothes, I remember thinking that if a kid I looked up to as cooler & older than me had worn something, it must be okay for me to wear it.

  5. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    My kid would never wear jeans until about age 15. Even then, they were not what he preferred, so he considered them his dress up attire! Well, compared to what he preferred, sweat pants, they were dressier. Good grief. We were always able to find sweats at the thrift stores. Through his teenage years he was annoyed with me if I bought him something at a regular retail store instead of the thrift store. Now that he is in college, he gets "hand-me-overs" from students who buy too much and then just want to throw away their excess!

  6. fruitbowlk Says:


    Have tried shopping out of season? you can buy everything for up to 80% off.

  7. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    good point fruit, and I have made it the subject of a next 'lesson' that we will be getting winter clothes either way before or way after winter.

  8. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    eep! cindy I am already a susie's deal's fan (see my earlier blogs just a week or two ago!)

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