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Ironic Front Page

June 12th, 2008 at 06:47 pm

Anyone else notice the front page of the LA Times today?

Column One. This column is usually a special interest report and today it is about extremely high end retirement communities. "Paying in Gold for the Golden Years" about select places where you get a chaffeured Cadillac to shop for groceries, or a dog walker will take care of your mutt. Some resident is quoted about living on "a cruise ship without the water".

Then a little further down the front page...

Fame without Fortune. An article about how Ed McMahon, among other celebrities, are irresponsibly missing payments on homes, loans, etc. Failing to plan for the unfamous times no doubt.

Anyway, I haven't read either article in detail yet, and of course the news (and all media) are fairly subjective and incompletely unbiased.

I've noticed many conflicting stories like this in the newspaper, magazines lately. Might blog it more often.

Had time to read the whole thing. Additional portions of the articles:
The expensive communities are home to those like high retired government officials (cabinet members), retired prestigious college professors (Stanford), and the like. Assisted care and nursing care are extensions of the services. These are not really outrageous in perspective, some who planned for retirement well and have thousands in monthly dividend or pension income are very pleased with the arrangements.

The other article on the st*pid celebrities sums it up by explaining the mentality of fame obscures common sense and planning for the inevitable future fall is forgotten. Not to mention the agent, publicist, manager, and other stupid expenses the celebrity agrees to.

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