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JC Penney $10 This Time

June 10th, 2008 at 05:22 pm

I used the $10 for anything at JC Penney on a new shower curtain for the kids bathroom.

Glad to get a better, longer lasting one already marked down to about $16. Sorry it was just a quilted white fabric, not more wacky fun for a kids bath.

Also forgot the fabric curtains are best installed with a liner, so I purchased one for $4.

Hmmmm, spent about $20 plus tax, less the $10 coupon. Bleh, means it was $10 out of pocket.

I have sewed shower curtains and liners in the past, but didn't have time or motivation this time. Probably will do it next time since the replacement buys me a couple years.

And the old one? It is earmarked to move to the new weekend house (we are building in the country). A few weeks away from final approval! Another few weeks away from livability. The bath needs a shower curtain or we are not going to be getting clean!

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