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Find Buried Treasure Site

May 15th, 2008 at 11:07 am

You already know I am in the Etsy handcrafted internet marketplace. There are 100,000 shops (of which about only 1/2 are really active). But it is a fabulous community of buyers and sellers as you might have checked.

The good? What fun!! You have never seen the likes of some of the outrageous and inspirational crafted goods.

The bad? What a mountain of stuff! It is a huge task to see and be seen sorting through the items.

One of the active and smart sellers who undoubtedly has some advertising know how started a new site to pull out some of the 'Buried Treasure'.

I joined here:

Please make a comment on my little gallery if you like! And you can put in other tags (where it says 'Dig it Up') to see other galleries.

Try the tag 'bargain' or 'clever'!

Have Fun!

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