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First Official Art Show Set Up Done! Cost $4, Earnings ?

April 24th, 2008 at 12:17 am

I was accepted to display my jewelry designs in a venue for a city sponsored event called Art Walk. The host is an office/residential mix building; the downstairs has large, yet unoccupied, business space. One of the rooms is half used by an artist for the event, I was invited to fill the other half of the space.

The items are pinned onto fabric covered foam core boards and hung with wide velvet burgandy ribbon, (see below). Each board has an explanation of the item, including a contact number and price.

The cost of the set up was next to nothing. The fee for the space was nothing. I spent about $4 for a masonry drill bit. I already had made the boards long ago, and already had a very large spool of the ribbon from a marked down Christmas sale.

An easel (I already had from years ago) displays an entertaining biography and contact info. A stand which holds my business cards in a glass candy dish is next to the easel. (Bet you wouldn't guess what the 'stand' is made of).

I'm very happy with the results, and am so excited that it is ready for the show!

1 Responses to “First Official Art Show Set Up Done! Cost $4, Earnings ?”

  1. D.O.D. & MOM Says:

    we're too far away to ooh & ahh at your advancing creativity, alas.
    we hope you'll achieve a great breakthrough and sellalot!


    PS: keep Acacia at it. Kisses to all.

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