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$10 Off a $50 Purchase ~ Twice

April 21st, 2008 at 04:23 pm

My husband (the big earner, and big spender) hates to let coupons like this go unused. So we went to Lowe's and obtained 2 new carraige lights for the house exterior (plus a widget he already needed) at for a total of close to $50. Which of course, came to $40 after the coupon.

So far so good. One of the existing outdoor lights was falling off the house and was in need of replacement for a couple years (they are 14 years old).

But they gave him another at checkout. Argghhh.

So he quizzed me what do we need? I came up with a few good ideas. Off he went back a day or two later. I credit him for taking hours walking around scrimping to find something we truly needed for $50.01 to take advantage of the coupon.

He did spend, it wasn't really necessary. But one thing was a 4 slice toaster for the weekend home we are building this summer and are going to have to SLOWLY furnish. OK. I'm in favor of that. We already have a coffee maker for the house. And are moving some of the items from our current house to the weekend place (we have enough to spare in the current home).

Not too bad, but I wish they wouldn't give him any more coupons.

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