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Get BUSY 2 Art Shows to Set Up this Week

April 20th, 2008 at 03:20 am

Wow! I was accepted to be in two venues for Art Walk this weekend. This is a city sponsored event that has thousands of visitors, music, outdoor festival type fun.

1. A small space in a popular location.
The first venue I worked pretty hard to obtain. After pestering (nicely), the host store is letting me vend a table in the foyer of their front door. They have a resident artist take 3/4 of the foyer, and I am a little worried I will be hugely overshadowed by this woman and her work. She sits and demonstrates most of the event. I saw her last year and must admit it is beautiful work! But I paid $33 (half of the space) for the right to have one table in there. Thousands of folks will walk by this spot though, PLEASE let some of them visit me!

2. A big space in a quiet location.
The other space I got (today!) was in a building a couple blocks off the main art walk area. It is still visited fairly well because there is an artist's studio building hub very close which is big on the art walk scene. The downstairs contains a big unfinished room which has masonry block walls inside. There is one artist going to take half the room (and be present during the event). But there is a BIG other empty half of the room!

I am mounting my items on boards (already made) and hang them like 'paintings'. I brought several to try today and they look great!

The only worry is I won't be present at this venue because I have to vend the table 100% of the time at the first venue! If folks want to purchase anything on the boards they will have to contact me through my email. I have tagged everything with price and email.

I'm So Happy Tired! It's alot of work to get things ready on boards, tagged, sorted which items are going to which venue, etc.

AMAZING! Nearly EVERYTHING in my inventory is going to a show in April and May. My storage shelves are CLEANED OUT.

This art walk runs Sat/Sun and I am in another show in Texas (a jewelry invitational) in May which I already sent 18 items, a nice small collection. The host studio feels some items are sure to sell.


and someday it will be
3. A big space in a popular location
coming soon when I am famous...

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