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Another Happy Winner, Games R Me

April 15th, 2008 at 04:17 pm

Fun and promotional games really DO attract customers to my internet shop.

Below is a 'treasury' (a gallery of 12 items in which Etsy members create choosing from the millions of items for sale in the site). Treasuries are wildly popular for Etsyians to view (kind of like photo sharing). And folks are usually VERY creative making treasuries of gorgeous similar colors, themes, etc.

Well I made a treasury game. The title was "Which one DOESN'T belong?". Players emailed me their guess. The prize was a gift certificate to my shop.

One lady won last night and was so excited she posted to the Etsy bulletin board about the whole thing. The post drew about 5 more players to my treasury. This is the kind of advertising you can't buy!

Want to take a guess? The bottom row is a little cut off, but the idea is intact.

No more gift certificates though, just a little fun. I'll post the answer after awhile.

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