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NOW is the time to sell your gold scrap

March 19th, 2008 at 09:06 am

Woweee! Gold is holding steady at about $1000/oz (pure).

For 15+ years I have stashed some bits and pieces of old gold jewelry to sell back, ie one earring (lost the other), damaged ring, broken necklace chain, etc. None of these items were of 'estate' value.

But I have always been afraid to take in the various old gold items to get cash or credit at a fine jeweler.

Because in the past I've tried and was disheartened at the pittance they were worth, as well as the very little value of any diamond or stone that might be involved.

Understand, of course the shop is going to weigh the items and give a percent of the gold value, and include no value for the item workmanship. I accept that.

Soooooo GOLD IS HIGH, right?

And I have three jewelry jobs I have been waiting on:

a. Repair a prong on a nice ring from my 16th Bday from my parents. This ring is a keeper and I want to give it to my daughter. It is fairly heavy 14K make.

b. Repair another garnet ring I gave myself upon the birth of my 2nd child (as a breast feeder reminder! put the ring on the other hand to remind me which side, get it?). This one of course is also a keeper.

c. The big job is to reset/redesign my wedding set. It is too small now (older hands, eh?) and I haven't been wearing it.

Very worried about the cost of 14K gold work, I still gravely went to one of the better jewelry shops and discussed.

YAY! The worth of the scrap was over $50! And the repairs (a) and (b) were a mere $58!

Why did I wait so long?! (Oh yeah, see paragraph #4 above...)

As far as (c), it is going to be alot more, but needs alot more thought and discussion. The shop was very very polite and I may work with them on it in the future. It needs another opinion from my second choice shop first.

Thanks for listening!

1 Responses to “NOW is the time to sell your gold scrap”

  1. PrincessPerky Says:

    Have you ever done a custom order? ..My son (6yo) has to buy his sister(4yo) a necklace to replace the one he broke, and he likes several you have, but doesn't want a photo necklace, and doesn't need earrings...that and he only has about 10 to spend. Thanks

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