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3 No and Low Cost Boy's Party Games, and many other birthday cost savings

February 14th, 2008 at 09:46 am

It's hard being 10 and a boy! Even harder for the mom to give a 'cool' birthday party without spending alot.

! ! SUPER MOM to the rescue ! !

Venue: the city park skateboard bowl, FREE
Although my son is not highly into skateboarding, it is a 'cool' place to party. He wanted to have his party at the indoor skateboard rink, LUCKILY they closed. It was his idea to have the party at the park.

Lunch: Pizza for boys is primo, and the nearby parlor constantly runs a special for 2 medium pizzas about $15. This should feed 5 boys easy. I will bring drinks! Cake for another $11 because I don't have time to cook one for the first time in 10 years!!!!

Games: If needed...2 games which cost $0!
1. Poseur. One boy goes off a ways and closes his ears. The rest secretly decide among themselves what 'pose' they want him to make. When the first boy returns, the group expresses cheers, applause, boos (in moderation), until the correct pose is attained.

2. Sheepdog Tag. One boy is designated wolf, one is designated sheepdog and the rest are designated sheep. The sheepdog and sheep link arms or hold hands. They have to run from the wolf, as a team, until the wolf tags the sheepdog. Then repeat with new assignments.

One game which costs a couple dollars:
3. Whip Cream Frenzy. For each player, place a grape or M&M or small food item on a paper plate. Cover with a moderately sized mound of whip cream. Players stand in front of their plate with hands held behind the back. Upon the word 'GO' players try to grab the little item at the bottom of the whip cream in their teeth. First one wins.

Prizes? Maybe I'll dig some out of the 'gift' closet.

Favors: I kind of hate that this is so expected now, but am happy to do something inexpensive and NOT CANDY related. This time I got 'Skateboard Company stickers. They are about $1 ea, and I got 10 (bleh), but the shop gave me as many Skateboarder Posters as I wanted FREE!

Total for the party under $50 by a long shot (for 5 kids).

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